Winfield Township Food Pantry

The Winfield Township Office runs the Food Pantry and offers emergency assistance to those in need.

  • The Food Pantry is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30 AM to 2:00 PM.
  • Emergency assistance is available for Winfield Township residents in need.
  • Assistance with utilities for Winfield Township residents is available for those who qualify.  Before applying for township assistance with utilities, please contact South Lake Community Services, Inc. at 219 663 0627. (Guidlines for Assistance)  Items to submit are listed on the following form.  Download the form, complete it and bring it to the Winfield Township Office at 10645 Randolph St., Suite B, Winfield, IN.
  • Winfield Township coordinates food baskets for the holidays for eligible Winfield Township residents. Donations from local business, churches, schools, service clubs, organizations, labor unions and generous local private citizens help us with providing holiday baskets.

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Thank you Jerry Ross School, the kindness of students, parents and teachers for your donation of food for our Thanksgiving Baskets.

Thank you to Jerry Ross Elementary for  the kindness of students, parents and teachers.  We appreciate your donation of food for our Thanksgiving Baskets.


The LOFS Fire Department collects food for the Winfield Township Food Pantry in the Fall. Thank you to the Fire Department and all of the donors.